Photo of Vitamin department at Whole Foods Market
Vitamin Department

Photo of Vitamin department at Whole Foods Market
Vitamin & Supplements

The Vitamin & Supplement Department at the Whole Foods Market is designed to meet your vitamin and supplement needs.

Our staff is here to offer one-on-one customer service, backed by many years of experience in the Natural Health Care Field.

At the Whole Foods Market, we are committed to educating the consumer. Public information seminars are held on a monthly basis, providing the latest information available in the natural supplements industry. We also have many resources - books and other printed information, as well as our own education and experience - available to our customers.

We carry all of the major brand names in Vitamin products, including:

And Many More!

The Whole Foods Market carries Natural Supplements to complement a healthy and energetic lifestyle. In addition to all of the major vitamin brands, these include Greens supplements, Sports Nutrition products, Herbal supplements, and Homeopathic remedies.

Look for Green powders from:

Many Green powders also come in capsule form.

Sports Nutrition Supplements:

Herbal Supplements:

We also carry an extensive line of bulk and packaged fresh, non-irradiated herbs.

Homeopathic Remedies:

Visit our Healthy Links Page page for a complete list of websites.

At the Whole Foods Market, we offer the Best Prices, Selection, and Knowledgeable Staff!

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